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Baška is one of the most beatiful places on Croatian coast with its extraordinary landscape and nature. The best way to experience the bay is to fly above it, where you can see everything from the bird's eye view. The calmness, the quietness and the amazing view is the best way to relax during your holiday.


Summer vacation means trying out sea related activities, and it is impossible to imagine a seaside summer resort without water sports such as tubes, couch and mattress. Different kinds of tubes give you different adrenaline rides. For those who are not fans of extreme sports there is couch, while tubes and mattress are made for the adrenaline lovers.

Parasailing equipment

After years and years of experience, we can say that we have learned a lot, which made us see the room for improvements in the parasailing area. We have started making our own custom made parasails and the gear that goes with it, such as harnesses and tripleizers. We can proudly say that our guests are flying exclusively on our own parasailing equipment.
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