Parasailing equipment


Mosquito parasails is the name of our parasailing equipment brand. The idea of manufacturing our own equipment grew out of a simple reason - we realised that the equipment available on the market is not good value for that money. Because of the specific weather conditions that we face in commercial parasailing, we decided to develop our own, special and different parasail shape After years and years of flying with different parasailing manufacturers and brands, we carefully observed all their positive and negative characteristics, and soon we had all needed guidelines for designing our own parasail. Bearing in mind all parasailing operators needs and requests (being ones ourselves) we made Mosquito - durable and robust parasail which is user friendly in different weather and sea conditions.


Mosquito parasails are available in seven standard shape sizes, and in three Mosquito ULTRA versions. Standard Mosquito parasail shape is suitable for usage in all weather conditions, and its deeper profile and bigger stabilizers prove to be excellent in providing very stable flights in stronger wind conditions, side wind gusts and turbulence Mosquito ULTRA is a shallow shaped parasail which gives even more optimal performances in no wind or light wind conditions, and it is more suitable for underpowered boats. All Mosquitos are 16 gore – 16 rope parasails with overlapping thrust vents!

MODELS – Mosquito standard


Mosquito 27

Mosquito 27 is the smallest parasail in our offer. It is ideal for single and lighter tandem flights in windy conditions (in no wind calm conditions tandems ad heavier singles are not recommended). The back end contains 6 thrust vents (three in every row), so its small surface would bear maximum load and provide stability.

Diameter 27 feet
Surface 51m2 canopy area + 6m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-25 kt
Weight range 40 - 140 kg

Mosquito 30

Mosquito 30 is a small parasail made for very windy conditions, and it contains similar characteristics as Mosquito 27. The difference makes the extra 12m2 of canopy area, which lifts tandems easier. This size is used as a smaller parasail for the beach start operators.

Diameter 30 feet
Surface 63m2 canopy area + 7m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-23 kt
Weight range 45 - 165 kg

Mosquito 33

Mosquito 33 is the biggest of the small parasails that we offer, and it is a bestseller. It is mostly used by the beach start operators, while in the case of winch boats it is used in medium and stronger wind conditions. This parasail, as opposed to 27 and 33, has extra two thrust vents, and the surface that is sufficient for the heavier tandem and lighter triple flights even in light wind conditions.

Diameter 33 feet
Surface 76 m2 canopy area + 9 m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-20 kt
Weight range 50 - 190 kg

Mosquito 36

Mosquito 36 is a medium size parasail which has a wide range of use - this parasail is both stable for the light single flights in light wind conditions and big enough for heavier tandems and triple flights. It is the ideal choice for the operators who decide to use one parasail size for all conditions.

Diameter 36 feet
Surface 92m2 canopy area + 10m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-17 kt
Weight range 60 - 215 kg

Mosquito 39

Mosquito 39 is the smallest of the three big parasail sizes we offer. It is mostly used at locations where light thermal winds occur, and it is the best big parasail for the underpowered winch boats.

Diameter 39 feet
Surface 108 m2 canopy area + 12 m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-14 kt
Weight range 70 - 240 kg

Mosquito 42

Mosquito 42 is the big parasail optimal for 90 % operators. Its capacity allows heavy triple and quad flights, and it is the most used model by the majority of winch boats. This size can contain between 8 and 10 thrust vents, depending on the conditions in which it is being used.

Diameter 42 feet
Surface 125 m2 canopy area + 14 m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-10 kt
Weight range 85 - 265 kg

Mosquito 45

Mosquito 45 is the biggest parasail in our offer. It is used exclusively for heavy tandems, triple and quad flights in calm conditions. This model has 10 thrust vents and it demands adequately powered boat to use all of it's flying potentials.

Diameter 45 feet
Surface 145 m2 canopy area + 16m2 stabilisers area
Wind range 0-7 kt
Weight range 100 - 300 kg

Mosquito ULTRA models


Mosquito ULTRA 38 - 41 - 44

Mosquito ULTRA models are designed for the operators whose boats have limited propulsion and winch power. The difference between ULTRAs and standard Mosquito parasails is their shallow profile and bigger central hole, which results in bigger airflow and lesser rope tension. The negative side of this design is the decreased stability in windy conditions and its higher minimal weight, which makes Mosquito ULTRA come in only three “big” sizes.

Diameter 38 feet 41 feet 45 feet
Surface 99m2(canopy area) + 10m2(stabilizers area) 116m2(canopy area) + 12m2(stabilizers area) 133m2(canopy area) + 14m2(stabilizers area) +area
Wind range 0-12 kt 0-9 kt 0-6 kt
Weight range 90 - 240 kg 100 - 260 kg 120 - 280 kg


  • in order to choose the model and size which fits you the best, consult the manufacturer!
  • all specified sizes are real!
  • every parasail comes with a harness of your choice!
  • when ordering, you can choose different colours, while specific designs (smileys, logotypes, inscriptions,….) are charged more!
  • all models and sizes fly better in all weather conditions when double and triple bars are used!
  • every parasail can achieve and overcome specified performances when used right in adequate conditions by the crew!

Mosquito additional parasailing equipment


Mosquito harnesses are safe, comfortable and well built. They come in 5 different sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL. Every size comes in different colour for the easier use. All sizes are made of robust black polypropylene webbing . Non memory foam pillows are coated with double rip-stop nylon. Belt buckles and carabiners are made of high quality INOX which provides safe and easy usage.


Mosquito DOUBLE and TRIPLE bars are unavoidable part of parasailing equipment for the operators who use bigger parasails. They are made of full aluminium profile, CNC processed and coated with soft and robust materials. Besides the possibility of multiple person flights, the bars enable balancing in cases of flyers whose weight differs, which contributes to the stability of the parasail.


The extenders are used in double and triple flights, when one of the flyers needs to be hanged in front of the others who are hanging on DOUBLE or TRIPLE bar. Extenders enable clear sight for those sitting behind that flyer.

Materials and colors

All Mosquito parasails and other equipment are made of quality UV, wear and tear, and salt resistant materials. All stitches and joints on the parasail canvas are double glues, overlapped and sewed.

Parasail canvas

  • rip stop nylon, 50grams/m2
  • polyurethane coating
  • UV resistant
  • waterproof
  • 14 different colors


  • Polypropylene, double braided, low stretch, floating (6mm and 8mm)
  • 4 different colors for easier usage
  • Minimal extensibility
  • Wear and tear resistant

Towing yoke

  • Increased firmness and thickness floating polypropylene
  • Width 25mm, 50mm
  • INOX AISI 316 profiles, 8mm width


  • KONG carabiners (made in Italy), INOX AISI 316, smooth edges, key-lock
  • Slide belt buckles – INOX AISI 316
  • Floating polypropylene webbing, increased firmness and thickness, width : 50mm and 75mm
  • Non memory foam pillows

Double and Triple bars

  • full aluminum 15mm x 50 mm , CNC processed, coated with security foam and webbing casing
  • INOX AISI 316 profiles, 8mm width
  • floating polypropilene webbing, increased firmness and thickness, width : 50 mm